Studies show that losing just 5% of your present weight can give you more energy and better overall health.

For someone weighing 200 pounds, losing only 10 pounds decrease their risk of diabeties, heart attack and many types of cancer.


Everyone is unique.

That is why the CMWL weight loss program is personalized just for you!


“Success is never final.  Failure is never fatal.  COURAGE is what counts.”

Sir Winston Churchill

At CMWL at Sharp, Stone & Goolsby, we are not encouraging a quick-fix diet based on enduring hunger that then resorts to unhealthy eating.  We are all about learning a new healthy lifestyle and teaching each individual how to live and thrive in today's busy world! 



Exercise is a very important component of a healthy lifestyle. Cardio-fitness exercise strengthens your circulation system and builds your stamina and overall energy levels.  Weight and core training builds your muscle mass and lowers your overall body fat percentage.  As exercise becomes a healthy habit, we not only benefit from the release of positive endorphins, but we also come to crave the triumphs of physical activity.  Routine exercise allows the body to feel good and gives the mind a sense of accomplishment!  At CMWL at Sharp, Stone & Goolsby, you’ll come to love the motivating Body Composition Analysis profile report that you receive at each visit.  This comprehensive report monitors your muscle and fat percentages breakdown, and helps you quickly learn how your healthy eating choices directly affect your body composition, so you can continue to watch your muscle mass build while your fat disappears on our program.



If you are like many busy professionals today that are pulled in all different directions by work, family, community and personal commitments, then you know the importance of stress management.  But did you know that losing weight can be a significant factor in helping you control the impact of negative stressors on your life?  It’s all too easy to turn to fatty foods for comfort in stressful times, but the reality is that facing difficulties is when your body craves healthy nutrition the most.  At CMWL at Sharp, Stone and Goolsby, let us show you how easy we can make meal planning as we take all the guesswork out of what you are going to eat today. 

Imagine yourself 30 pounds lighter in just 3 months.  You can do it!  Start TODAY!